how can we make softwares or games with c++. i ve listned that we can make softwares , games by progrmming ,
but how i read in a book that u can make calculator but how we type program in compiler and the output is shown .

my question is

when calculator is ready in compiler how can we use it in our pc. or anything else..........

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You can use the .exe file in your project directory.

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I don't know why but this remark to the OP is oh-so-funny XD

*Shares glance with 'firstPerson'*
I think that you mean - how to compile into a program to run on any windows (for example) computer. On your IDE (Dev-C++, Visual Studio, CodeBlocks, etc., click compile. Then in the project directory (or specified exe output directory), find the .exe file. This is the program.

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