how can we make softwares or games with c++. i ve listned that we can make softwares , games by progrmming ,
but how i read in a book that u can make calculator but how we type program in compiler and the output is shown .

my question is

when calculator is ready in compiler how can we use it in our pc. or anything else..........

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You can use the .exe file in your project directory.

commented: I don't know why but this remark to the OP is oh-so-funny XD +0

what is the code of ms office in c++??//

*Shares glance with 'firstPerson'*
I think that you mean - how to compile into a program to run on any windows (for example) computer. On your IDE (Dev-C++, Visual Studio, CodeBlocks, etc., click compile. Then in the project directory (or specified exe output directory), find the .exe file. This is the program.

what is the code of ms office in c++??//

Send Microsoft a Billion dollars USD and they MIGHT let you see it.

plz tell me how can i make software of calculator on c++.

how make a softawer

go to the exe file

Yeah... Hopeless thread, closed.

I want to seek programing and making softwares.

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