i am creating a search system i have one of y search querys working but when i try to do the same on a different part of the project i get this error message and one of my text boxes underlined
message is : -Error 1 Argument not specified for parameter 'Param4' of 'Public Overridable Overloads Function GetDataBySearch1(Site As String, Postcode As String, Site1 As String, Param4 As String, Param5 As Object, Param6 As String, Param7 As String, Param8 As String) As WincantonDataSet.SitesDataTable'. C:\search_System\search_System\sitesearch.vb 20 26 Wincanton_System
can anyone help me and explain why i have this and what to do to resolve it
Thsnk you

Without seeing code, I'm flying blind but here are a few possibilities.
1) Is the query that does not work not passing all parms?
2) Is the value for Param4 not a string? This should give a different error but it's a guess.

Post a little code and maybe I can help you figure something out.