I have a fairly good understanding of C++'s C side and little bit about classes, so.. I'm wondering, is there an easy way to learn WIN32 application programming? I mean using

int APIENTRY WinMain()

window procedures, creating buttons, etc.. Is there a way to avoid things like "String^" and "gcnew" ?? I really just need to attach the C++ code that does something to a shiny window for user IO.... What's all this forms app stuff in visual studio & how can I use it to my advantage? I'm fairly tired of reading myself to boredom & mental sludge.

I would also like to request a tutorial on adding buttons to a WIN32 window and attaching existing code to make it work..

C++/CLR (Forms) is just another way to write windows gui programs. The original method, using win32 api functions, is still useful. Here's a common beginner's tutorial.