how do I:

-change the height and width of the console (cmd.exe)
-how do i set the console title
-how do i change the console color(s)
-how do i open another console program in the same console and go back and forth with this (for example a batch file)

Thanks for all the help guys I'm just a noob to python

um, all of those you can do in cmd, but if you want to do direct cmd/system calls, use os.system() (note: these are windows system commands; these wont work an a non microsoft operating system)

import os,sys
# change shell window
os.system('title whatever u want here')
# to view all color options, type color fu in cmd.
os.system('color 0a')
# as for opening files, just do it like you would in cmd

look around the os and sys modules for python; they should help you