I'm writing an application in python to read data from a joystick and display it onto a screen with a background image overlay. i used the canvas widget to display the data to my screen.

The problem is, the text keeps updating the entries without clearing the previous entry and hence overwrites on the existing text.
Can anyone please tell me how to continuously refresh text without overwriting text enitries in the TKinter canvas widget?

cv.create_text(450, 200, text='', fill="Green", anchor='nw')
    #cv.refresh() ?

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in order to clear the previous text you can use:

t = cv.create_text( .................. )
# do stuff
time.sleep( 1 )
cv.delete( t )

.delete(..) deletes the widget from the canvas
.update() updates the canvas

hope this helps :)


Thank you very much for your reply with that information and the syntax. Greatly appreciate it. Yes - It worked perfectly.

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