Hi all, again :) i have another problem with my program. I need to print a textbox that contain some data (of course). The textbox is formatted like this:

Data1 Data2 Data3
Data4 Data5 Data6

I managed to print the file using the DocumentPrint object. But there's a problem :) i need this data to be printed in a tabular form (just like an excel sheet). Because the lenght of Data1, Data2, etc.. strings is different i can't just use space characters to divide "columns". I have no idea where to start...

That could be an idea but there's a problem: i need to print also a header and a footer. So, for example, this could be my document:

Document title and date



I have no idea how to print mixed text and tables. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

Have you considered using Crystal Reports for you information?

Hey, never heard about crystal reports :) seems that it can suite my needs. I'll try and tell you, thanks!

PS: as always, sorry for my bad english :)