hi guys,

I am a fresher vb.net programmer. I have a requirement of storing employee's image in databse and retrive them in a form. I could insert image into the database but when I am retriving it , it does not get working. So if anybody knows the code for retriving image from database and displaying in a form , pls let me knw.I am using MS SQL Server 2005 as databse.

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Avinash Karat

Have a look at sample,

Dim dt as New DataTable
            Dim  adp as New SqlDataAdapter("select images from table where id=1","Your_connection_string")
         IF dt.Rows.Count<>0 Then
               Dim buff() as Byte = dt.Rows(0)(0)
             picture1.Image = new Bitmap(new MemoryStream(buff))
        End If