This must be a frequently asked question, but I can't find the answer in the FAQ, or in the recent archive of this list, or by using
google with the keywords I thought of.

I would like to use libavcodec.dll and libavformat.dll in my Windows
XP Visual C++ 2008 project. However, I would prefer not to download a whole new compiler environment and compile ffmpeg from sources, just to get the dlls.

Is there anyplace I can find relatively recent precompiled dll's
and a matching header file?

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As far as i know, it not possible to compile ffmpeg under Visual C++, it doesn't support the C++ standard. You have to compile it the gcc under linux or MiniGW!

Is there any other alternative of "ffmpeg" that can be used with C++???

dont use Visual C++, use gcc/MiniGW, ffmpeg is powerfull!

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