If you were asked to describe the techniques to C++ would you talk about like, Inheritence, Re-use etc or something else? I don't understand :(

Help please!

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I find the concept of polymorphism (inheritance) to be a quite interesting topic.. although I am by no means an expert in this (I just do enough of this to get by) I believe it is a powerful OOP concept and in my opinion, is probably the main construct that defines OOP languages.

class women
     //Attributes common to all women
     //functions common to all women

class blondes : public women
     //Now you get all the womanly stuff
     //plus 'blonde' attributes and behaviors

class brunetts : public women
     //Brown hair
     //Nice rear end
     // etc etc...

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Talk about classes, inheritance, polymorphism, generic meta programming, virtual and pure virtual functions, operator overloading...
and also about the potentially bad problems like "multiple inheritance" and the ways to solve it.

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