hi there

how you doing guyz

i want to make pong game in VB.net

i want it for one player

like this one


i didn't find good tutorials

all what i found was a tutorials to make it in VB6

i need it in VB.net

any tutorials or full projects i can learn from?

or if there is no tutorials for the pong game can you give me tutorial for the bounce ball or even full project so i can try to edit it to be pong game

please help ari ^^"


It is best to use C++/C#/C instead of VB.Net because C++/C#/C is same like Actionscript and lot of game is made from Actionscript. So i recommend you to learn C languages.

There is a way!
Open VB.NET and press Ctrl+O
Then Open The Project And Click Open
Then A Screen Will Pop UP Click Next
Then Next
Then Ok
Then When Loaded Press OK!
Easy As Making Water!!!

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