I’m trying to build an app, which should have Flash Player control, which plays SWF from server (certain URL). For Flash Player ActiveX you have to save SWF file to a temporary location to load it and play, isn’t it? You'll have to create a corresponding link that you can pass to the Flash Player ActiveX and then delete SWF file after it is played. Of course, high security level can't be guaranteed, but I think it’s good, if at least no temporary files are created (can be intercepted LOCALLY). So the question is how to make Flash Player ActiveX be able to load SWF file directly from any source without usage of temp files?
Thank you!

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While you did the right thing in posting the seperate questions as seperate threads, you should have given each post a relevant title. Posting three different questions is just gonna make it really difficult to follow the progress of each question. I would seriously recommend changing the titles.


It's a forum bug. I've posted all threads with different titles. And there's no button to Edit post to change title.


Try F-IN-BOX. It's a powerful control for working with flash.

It's developer's library for extending standart features Flash Player.:-/

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