I urgently need help with an assignment I must complete by tomorrow. I started Bash Scripting yesterday so am a complete newbie. I don't have time to teach myself Bash scripting so please don't redirect me to some tutorials.

The assignment I have to do involves the following:

the aim is to classify cars into 4 separate files and print a summary report.

I must create a file with records:

ID Number, car, cost, number in stock
0001, ford focus, 5000, 44
0002, ford fiesta, 8000, 22
0003, bmw 320, 12000, 13
0004, vw golf, 30000, 2
0005, honda civic, 7000, 18
0006, bmw 318, 2000, 6
0007, vw passat, 18000, 8

I have created this file and called it csv1 for arguments sake.

This is in a directory called $HOME/Cars
I then need to create a script with functions if necessary to split the cars into categories. I then need to determine the category and write 3 records to the appropriate file. the files will need to be created in my program and their names will be:
honda, bmw, vw, ford

these will be stored in my $HOME/Cars directory.

the summary report must display on the screen and contain the info:
- Date
- names of the created files and their pathnames
- total number of cars
- total value of cars

Even if i don't get this perfectly right it's ok i need to create something which will be enough to pass the assignment so coding examples would be good to show that i have an understanding of what im doing!!!????:'(:'(:'(

PLS PLS PLS can someone help. I have 24 hours from now and the clock is ticking.

finally i am not allowed to use sed or awk for this - even though i don't have an idea what they are.....

many thanks in advance........

isxrc> PLS PLS PLS can someone help. I have 24 hours from now and the clock is ticking.
The urgency is on your part, not on ours. You have chosen to fail already.
Read the rules of the forum. We do not give away code solutions without proof of effort on your part. We are not code-o-rama, use and abuse.
Do your own homework!!!