I would like to do an application which would be used for calling to all kind of telephones (stationary, mobile) from a pc, using internet. Anyone has any advice where to start and what to use? I read some stuff that I would need to use TAPI app. development.
Application would be like a mobilephone with al the number buttton, button for dial and close connection.

I have added the following references to my project:

using Microsoft.WindowsMobile
using Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Telephony

and did:

Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Telephony.Phone myPhone = new Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Telephony.Phone();
myPhone.Talk("0123456789", true);

And I am keep getting THIS problem.

What could be wrong?
How exactly does win. application work, when trying to call a particular phone? Do I need anything else?

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This thread just helped me restore confidence that what I want to accomplish is possible, but in reverse of what the previous author desired.

I want a telephony app that will grab the CallerID and if the ID is not on my "approved" list, the caller is politely given the boot. The telephone company (Verizon/Frontier) said it was illegal to interfere with commerce using a telephone system that blocks calls in such a manner. SO..I changed to T/W cable for my phone.

Van W. Cottom

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