Please forgive me if I am posting it in a wrong forum.

I have a software (Sourcegear) which I use as a configuration management tool. Due to some reason I cannot upgrade the Sourcegear version. The current version i have is 1.2.1 This work well with .NET Framework ver 1.1.

I have couple of application which works well with .NET Framework ver 2.0.

Is there any way to switch between version 1.1 to 2.0 whenever required. I know Java provide this functionality to enable/disable the version. Does .Net have any such functionality?


Well if you don't have the source code and can't ask the developer to upgrade it to use .NET 2.0:
One solution would be to disassemble the application with Reflector to a VS project, open it up in VS fix the problems of the decompilation (there will be some) and rebuild it to use 2.0.

The above method has some flaws, first of all you are dependant on the application not being obfuscated, and you will have to know C# to fix it later on in VS.

Another solution I can think of is to decompile it with ildasm.exe, change the required .NET from 1.1 to 2.0 and recompile it with ilasm.exe, but I have never done this personally.

Not sure about the legality of both methods but thats that only thing short of upgrading that I can think of.