Hi. I decided to try out the Report Wizard, having only worked with Crystal Reports prior, and when I try to connect to an Access DB with the default OLE DB data provider, I get "Unspecified Error" in the Add Connection dialog upon "Test Connection" or trying to accept the selection.

Any ideas?


I think your account doesn’t have enough privileges to create the ldb file. Please have a look at this link - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/251254/en-us

Thanks for the reply. I verified the information on the link and that does not appear to be the problem because I am Admin and both the TEMP and TMP settings are defined, exist, and are accessible.

I am able to connect my Access db within my code, just cannot get the Report Wizard to connect.

Turns out to have been related to the suggested link after all. Missing Write permission on %USERPROFILE%\temp folder for group account "Users". Thanks.