I have a program, which uses a vector to store some pointers.

The program works fine.

I'm trying to convert it to use a doubly linked list now though.

At the top of the program I changed:

vector<Diary *>vectorname;


#include <list>

list<Diary *>vectorname;

list<Diary*>::iterator i = vectorname.begin();

Later on in the program I access an element of the (former) vector using:

if(vectorname[a]->getName() == leadToDelete)

And use:

if(advance(i,a)->getName() == leadToDelete)
      //do something


BUt when I try it fails to compile, saying:

error C2227: left of '->getName' must point to class/struct/union/generic type

I was hoping this would be a simple way to do the conversion, but I have made a mistake in the code above it seems.

Could anyone show me how I do this?

Many thanks for any help!

The trouble is that advance does not return an iterator, AND the iterator
(i in your code), has to be double derefrenced because the iterator points to a pointer and hence the error message. You need:

if ( (*i)->getName()==someVar )

Note I have added the extra brackets for clarity.

HOWEVER : if you have lots of calls to the advance method you really would be better off with a vector, but you can obviously test the runtime performance.

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Thanks StuXYZ !

Works great, almost got it compiling now, but how would I convert:

vectorname.erase(vectorname.begin() + a);

To use your solution?

The problem you have is that your are using bare pointers. If you were using boost::shared_ptr or even std::auto_ptr then no problem.

So how to delete. You need to do TWO things: (a) delete the memory that the pointer points to, (b) delete the reference.

If you are deleting only one reference then that is easy.

Assuming that you are using vectors:

std::vector<Diary*> V;
std::vector<Diary*>::iterator  Ivec;
// Ivec get set / V gets filled etc.
// ...
delete *Ivec;
// NOTE : Ivec NOT not valid:

You can use the return of vector.erase to give you the next valid iterator. You would do that if you are looping through the vector and deciding which to delete . e.g.

std::vector<int> XV;  
  for(int i=0;i<10;i++)

  std::vector<int>::iterator xvIter=XV.begin();
      if ((*xvIter%2))
  copy(XV.begin(),XV.end(),std::ostream_iterator<int>(std::cout," : "));