Hi all, I asked about this question few days ago, and I have tried few things other experts told me

I think i got overcame problem where i can read the tab spaced file but now the output is the problem.....

When i run my program it outputs:

Enter filename: qantum.txt
Enter start city: Sydney

(so far its okay but...)

Cheapest price to New York = 1300

it outputs only one result where it should outputs all the city which is connected with Sydney....

The following output is what it should be:

Enter filename : qantum.txt
Enter start city : Tokyo
Cheapest price to Brussels = 700
Tokyo Paris Brussels
Cheapest price to London = 900
Tokyo Paris London
Cheapest price to Melbourne = 2200
Tokyo Paris London Sydney Melbourne
Cheapest price to New York = 500
Tokyo New York
Cheapest price to Paris = 600
Tokyo Paris
Cheapest price to Sydney = 2000
Tokyo Paris London Sydney

I'll upload my code so plz help me..

Oops sorry dont know y but it only works like that when i type Sydney rest city says "Press any key to continue" right away!!!

plz help me with this first...

If possible, can you extract the problematic part of the code and post it so we don't have to download a file? Maybe you can make a very small example that demonstrates the problem without having the overhead of the rest of the code.