I am using a devexpress tabcontrol.

I have a created a program that allows the user to select an option button and that button takes them to the correct tab.

Ive set all the tabs to visable = false untill the option button has been selected.

The problem i am having is setting the focus, so the button sgoes to the tab instead of just making it visable again.

I know normally you would use the setfocus = ture command but with
devexpress tabcontrol this function does not work.

does anyone have ideas on the code am meant to use

Thanks for your help

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Have you tried -

'Depending on the option selected

TabControl1.Tab=0 'or 1 etc.

Not sure if this will help in Dev though...

following code allows you to set focus to the selected tab index.

tabMain.SelectedTabPage = tabMain.TabPages.Item(0)
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