Hi everybody. I have this problem that is puzzling me and I am unable to solve it at all. I have two files and they are:


As the name suggests, the "ClLib1" holds the DLL file, whereas the "ClassLibraryApp1" is a Windows Application used to test the DLL file. And so, I have a few .cs file in ClLib1 namely bye2009.cs and hello2010.cs. While I was trying to put in "using ClLib1;" in ClassLibraryApp1 (whereby I've already added the reference from the ClLib's bin folder), I realise I am unable to put "using ClLib1.bye2009".

How do I go about solving this?

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>While I was trying to put in "using ClLib1;" ...

using Directive has two usage:

1. Permit the use of types in a namespace.
2. Create an alias for a namespace.

You cannot use using ClLib1.bye2009; because bye2009 is a type.
Use using ClLib1;

This is the same as using System.Console; (can not do that)
Use using System;
System contains a Console type.
In your program you can use Console.Read(); whatever...

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