hi guys,

i have a problem in crystal report when i am getting a data from database field that field has 30 words i want that in my report that field should be broke in 10 words each line so how can i do this please help me.

but in Can Grow option it is only mentioning lines not the words or characters to choose !!

Create a forumula field and use ChrW() to insert ASCII characters.

"Line1" + ChrW(13) + "Line2" + ChrW(13) + "Line3"

Make sure that your object Can Grow option is set to true.

I solved it my self and i want to share with everyone this is what i was looking for
IF InStr ({Field},"&" )>=0 THEN
Replace({Field}, "&", " " + Chr(13) + Chr(10))
ELSE {Field}