i have code which has a menu..

this code is for a tic tac toe game and i cant prevent the program from crashing .

when the user enters a variable e.g 'q' the program crashes. the happens whilst playing the game and whilst selecting a menu option. is there any way to prevent this???

Any help would be greatly appreciated.....

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my apologies lads..... i havent been on in a while. but the problem is not just with my current projects.

But all projects i complete with user input. e.g
cout<<"please enter a menu option"<<endl;

if i declare this variable as an int... then any char makes the error lines run to infinity until system memory runs out...

Is there a variable type i could use to prevent this.. it may be real simple. thanks in advance


If your options are numbers (less than 10), why not make it a char variable? If you needed the int value you could just subtract '0' from it.

char a = '1';
int b = (int)(a-'0');
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