alright... So I want to learn assembly, and i got a few tutorials. I noticed that there were different interrupts. I went online and searched for a list of them, and i found Ralph Brown's interrupt list....My question(s) is/are,
Is it true there is over 120,000 different interrupt commands? How am i supposed to learn them all? (or even a few hundred?) Wouldn't it take hours and hours just to pick out which one you need for a certain situation?

oh yeah...and I use TASM for compiling, and when i compile them, they go to a .obj file, then when i try to tlink them, they turn into a *.map file??? Can someone tell me what is going on with this?


Re: Question on Interrupts... 80 80

interrupts are grouped accordingly, so you have to know which one you really need.

oh my, i'm learning assembly too and it's so hard. i'm on nasm, sorry

Re: Question on Interrupts... 80 80

Thanks for that site... :) It'll help a ton!!

Re: Question on Interrupts... 80 80

To anyone having the *.map problem...i've figured it out....When you try to tlink the .obj file, if there is a error it will spit out a *.map file...thanks

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