alright... So I want to learn assembly, and i got a few tutorials. I noticed that there were different interrupts. I went online and searched for a list of them, and i found Ralph Brown's interrupt list....My question(s) is/are,
Is it true there is over 120,000 different interrupt commands? How am i supposed to learn them all? (or even a few hundred?) Wouldn't it take hours and hours just to pick out which one you need for a certain situation?

oh yeah...and I use TASM for compiling, and when i compile them, they go to a .obj file, then when i try to tlink them, they turn into a *.map file??? Can someone tell me what is going on with this?


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To anyone having the *.map problem...i've figured it out....When you try to tlink the .obj file, if there is a error it will spit out a *.map file...thanks

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