For school, using Visual Basic 9.0 (2008)

Write a program called Histogram that reads data from a file (allow the user to input the file name) and produces a horizontal histogram. The first line of the file should contain he title of the histogram, and each subsequent line should contain a year, followed by a number. Your program should use a Do-While loop to be able to read an arbitrary number of lines from the file (use the Peek method). Each line in the histogram should consist of a number of asterisks equal to the data point. Your program should also use a flag variable to determine if the data are increasing (whether each data point is greater than the last).

Can you guys write some code for me to try? I have no idea on how to approach this project and it's due for school tomorrow. Thanks so much.

John Kane

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Kindly do your home work / assignment yourself.

He re we do not run a free code writing service.

If you want help, post the code that you are working on.

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