I have been getting tutorialed by somebody who also learns C++ and gave me the code to make a new window, but the CMD also opens with that. The fact that cmd opens with that is not the problem, the problem is I dont think I was ready to move onto windows and other. I would like to be suggested on where I would be best to go from now. I made a few games using CMD for example one where a series of questions is asked if you get it right it clears the screen and asks next question. When i do learn more on windows I would like to learn fonts pheraps. Anyway best not to side track now, does anyone have a good idea from what i have explained on where I can go next? I hope i explained where i am at well enough.


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I have learnt so far;
How to:

Make a decision
Hello World
Square of a number
Repeat question

And been given code for: Window

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