Hi, I was just wondering why my program wouldn't output the elements that I entered. Thanks in advance.

//Scanner utility
import java.util.Scanner;

public class A4 {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		//Reads user input.
		Scanner inputReader = new Scanner(System.in);

		//Declares an array,size of the array is 10.
		int[] elements=new int [10];
		//Variable for option number
		int option;
		//Looping menu system.
		while (true)
			System.out.println("1.Fill array");
			System.out.println("2.Sort array");
			System.out.println("3.Delete element at a given index in the array");
			System.out.println("4.Delete all elements in the array with a given value");
			System.out.println("5.Search array for a given value");
			System.out.println("6.Reverse array");
			System.out.println("7.Output array");
	        //Next input will be option picker
			option = inputReader.nextInt();
		//Performs different operations depending on user input.
		switch (option){ 
		case 1: 
			System.out.println ("Enter 10 numbers:");
			for(int index=0;index<10;index++)
				elements[index]= inputReader.nextInt();
		case 2:  
		case 3:  
		case 4:  
		case 5: 

		case 6:  

		case 7:  
			System.out.println ("The elements that you entered were:" + elements [index]);

		case 8: 
			System.out.println ("Good bye!");
			System.exit (0);


Because the only print statement you have there refers to one specific element (and actually it doesn't refere to any of them since index is undefined there).

You, of course, need to create another for loop in that case section just like under the case section 1.