can anyone help me determine it?

from the looks of pages on google. it's just a bunch of 90 degree angles that are constantly rotated 45 degrees about it's axis. thanks.

Looking at the pictures here, the algorithm seems pretty straightforward, starting with a vector of 2 points A and B

def draw_dragon(A, B, depth):
    if depth == 0:
        draw segment A, B
        compute point C
        draw_dragon(A, C, depth - 1)
        draw_dragon(B, C, depth - 1)

point C is the 3rd vertex of the triangle in the generation 2 picture. The ordering of the vertices in the calls to draw_dragon takes care of the orientation.

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You can use the module turtle to show the formation of a dragon curve fractal ...

# yet another Dragon Curve program using module turtle
# this module ships and works with Python2 and Python3

import turtle

def initialize (color='blue'):
    '''prepare to draw'''
    # values for speed are 'fastest' (no delay), 'fast', (delay 5ms),
    # default = 'normal' (delay 10ms), 'slow' (delay 15ms),
    # 'slowest' (delay 20ms)
    # lift turtle pen to move without drawing
    # start at 120 units to the left of center
    turtle.goto(-120, 0)
    # initial heading 0 --> east
    # initial color of pen
    # turtle pen ready to draw

def dragon_right(max_len, min_len):
    '''draw lines favoring right'''
    # optionally draw this part in red
    turtle.color ('red')
    if max_len <= min_len:
    else :
        max_len /= 2.0
        #print(max_len)  # test
        dragon_right(max_len, min_len)
        dragon_left(max_len, min_len)

def dragon_left(max_len, min_len):
    '''draw lines favoring left'''
    # optionally draw this part in blue
    if max_len <= min_len:
    else :
        max_len /= 2.0
        #print(max_len)  # test
        dragon_right(max_len, min_len)
        dragon_left(max_len, min_len)

def dragon_curve(max_len, min_len, color):
    dragon_right(max_len, min_len)

if __name__ == '__main__' :
    turtle.title("dragon curve fractal")
    # experiment with max and min length
    max_len = 4000
    min_len = 30
    dragon_curve(max_len, min_len, 'purple')
    # show finished result until corner x is clicked
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