package squishgame;

 * The player class allows for a player to be created with:
 *      a name
 *      a location on a grid (0-10, 0-10)
 * The player can move North, South, East, or West but will not move off the
 * grid (must stay within (0,0) to (10,10)).  If a move is called, it will update
 * it's location or not move (if outside the grid).
 * Complete the constructors and methods below

public class Player implements Comparable {

    private String myname;
    private int mylocx,  mylocy;

    public Player(String name) {
        // constucts a new player with a random location
    public Player(String name, int x, int y) {
        // constructs a new player with the given location
    public void moveNorth() {
        // moves the player up 1 location if possible
    public void moveSouth() {
        // moves the player down 1 location if possible
    public void moveEast() {
        // moves the player right 1 location if possible
    public void moveWest() {
        // moves the player left 1 location if possible
    public int getX() {
        // returns the x position
    public int getY() {
        // returns the y position
    public double distance(Player p) {
        // returns the distance between this player and player p
    public boolean isSamelocation(Player p) {
        // returns true if this location is the same a the player p's location
    public String toString() {
        // returns a string representation of the player's name and location

    public int compareTo(Object o) {
        // returns a negative number, 0, or a positive number depending if this
        // object is less than, equal to, or greater than the parameter o
        // Players are ordered by x position, then by y position so (2,5) < (3,1)

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The comments in the methods tell you exactly what you need to do. All is needed is some if statements and reducing or increasing the mylocx or mylocy by one.

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What you given is just the assignment template and you havent even attempted any of the functions.

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