Can anybody tell me how to be able to open up internet explorer, and then go to a website using a URL and then controlling the website (not control like hack, but like being able to press the enter button or adding something to a textbox). I was trying to figure this out and I found online that you can use shdocvw.dll (located in c://windows/system32/shdocvw.dll), but I don't know how to add it to the project so it will work (i am using #develop).

Any help will be great,
Thanks in advance.

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OK, I got the SHDocVw.dll referenced to my program, but now I am trying to reference Microsoft.mshtml.dll to the program, and it won't let me do that. Does anybody know how I can reference that dll to my program?


OK, found out how to reference it to my program. In the visual studio command prompt you typ tlbimp mshtml.tlb. This creates the mshtml.dll file in c:\windows\system32\mshtml.dll. Then to use it make a copy of the .dll and put it in your objects folder, then reference it, and it works. :)

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