hi all! i have been programming in C for about 4 months now, and i have the very basics down pretty well (functions, pointers, etc etc), and have been doing a lot of console apps, and i was hoping to do a fractals program. i have the algorithm down (at least in my head), but i have no way to actually draw whatever the fractals come out to be. the book i have uses graphics.h and that seems to be too old and unsupported, so i dont know what to do. i would learn opengl, but that might take a bit and i was hoping there was something simpler. im using textpad with the migw gcc compiler. my question is this: how can i draw stuff on the screen using C? google didn't help much, since a lot of the libraries need to be set up, and i dont know how to do that. i know what dll files are, but i have no idea how to link them or whatever, or even how to add more libraries to my compiler. any help at all would be welcome. i know im asking for a lot of tutoring here, so if anyone knows any good links, those would work just as well. g'day

There is no quick and easy solution because graphics is a complicated topic. You could do it by calling win32 api functions -- such as this intro tutorial. Or you could do it with a different language, such as CLR/C++, or C#, or VB.NET. Graphics is going to take a lot of complex coding in C or C++ languages. It might also be a bit easier if you using wxWidgets, which is a free download (just google for it and you will find it)