Hi all,

I'm new here , and I’m new in programming , especially c#, but i work very hard. I have some work to do , particularly saying master degree project. Main thing what i have to do is to create some primitives in 3d , using a text file from GIS system. In this file I have x y z points data from laser scanner , and some RGB data. The problem witch I facing now is how to draw this primitives ( simple objects like rectangular , squares) and is it a possibility to render it in c# program window ? what libraries should i look for ? does anyone done something in 3D using c# ?
Maybe also someone have some idea how to trace from a huge amount of points only those which are the corners of some building ?

Any help will be very useful , thx

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Hi there,
it looks like you want to be using DirectX (or the Tao OpenGL Libraries).

A tutorial for DirectX in C# can be found here


Both of those are good libraries, but Axiom is most definitely overkill unless they are writing a full blown game (the learning curve is very steep)

TV3D is probably the best bet, unless all you want is to render to a form in the most basic fashion.

Have fun in 3D. I think it's one of the most interesting parts of development :)

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