i am new to python and i want to do development in python now.

my problem is that:

tell me what should be install in the system to start python development?
tell me which is the best editor that can help to edit and run python code efficiently?

tell me how can i modify or edit the example codes given in wxpython doc & demos 2.8 and utilize them for my own sake??

any one that can help me out i am in this problem from last two days.
please help me out....

i think for wxPython python version 2.6 should suffice but you could probably try 3.0. i use komodo ide 5.0 but its not free. you could try boa constructor 0.6.1 which i think is better suited for gui programming but hey thats just my opinion or Eclipse with the pyDev add on. any one of these ide's should allow for editing of those demo progs.

thank you for replying.but i have seen that it i not working out.
i have installed wxpython 2.6 and i have active state editor i have latest doc & demo of wxpython2.8.
the demo works fine in the 2.8 personal environment but when i copy that code to editor and save it to modify it for editing it gives me an error to close the program and the window close down....

trying using Scintilla Scite, open Scite drag the py file into the editor and press F5 to compile and run the programme it should give the reason and exception on why the prog is not working.

The wxPython demo code is poorly written and confusing to adopt. Look at the many examples of wxPython code here:

DrPython is a nice IDE to work with Python code and is actually written with wxPython. You can look a that source for wxPython examples. There are a number of plugins you can download.

Just some advice:
Please use a more informative title. Your title looks much a last minute request for homework!