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Merry Christmas in advance!

My question is "easy", I am looking for a "finished game" that I can revise. The game must be text-based and in C++.

The game description is the following:

A bow must be set in both angle and force to hit a balloon in a distance..

Any example is appreciated!


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The game must be text-based

u need graphics

No, I believe he wants it as text base. Why would you need graphics for this? All you need to do is have the user input the angle (1-180), and the force (1%-100%).

Then make a calculation that will determine the distance. I am sure there are a few formulas on the net that you can find to do this with.

@OP~ This sounds like a project that you were assigned. If it is, please show an attempt at solving the problem. The DaniWeb's forum does not give free homework passes. If it is not your homework, then please state why you want to revise someone else's work.

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