I would like to know if is possible to click on every single cell in a listView seperately, like in a datagridview? If I set a full row selection to false I am only able to select the cell in the 1st column. The point or this thread is, that I would like to select the 2nd, 3rd, and so on (if there are more columns). Is this possible, or am I forced to use DGW, where single cell selection is possible?

There's no simple property on the ListView which will give that functionality. It would probably be easier to use the DGV but if you really don't want to do that, you could enhance the ListView to get the behaviour you're after.
1. You would have to detect mouse clicks on the list subitems. I find this method works well.
2. You would have to make the cell look as though it's selected. I haven't tried it, but one method is described here.

Then you've got the problem of making the selected cell change with keyboard navigation, which should be quite possible by handling key press events. Some or all of this might be useful to you, but you'd have to really dislike the DGV.