I need the solution to the below mentioned problem:

A Scroll Banner is an applet which displays 2 scrolling messages across the applet’s Window. Since the scrolling of a message is a repetitive task, it is performed by a Separate thread, created by the applet when it is initialized. Here background color used for the applet is yellow and foreground color used for displaying the messages is red. The upper message is displayed at position x = 100 and y = 200. This message is scrolled from right to left. The lower message is displayed at position x = 100 and y = 50. This message is scrolled from left to right. The Browser displays the applet till new page comes into view. At this time the Applet stops itself.

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i created a program in applets in java for creating a simple text banner which is from right to left.it ran successfully but the problem is that the banner only runs in a space which is actually the length of the string..i want to run the banner in full applet window..is it possible????

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