Hello I have just purchased a book on Macros made easy and what I were looking for isn't available But here is what I want to do;

I want to use a Macro to name a file in the following format;


Basically I run a Information Management System and recieve electronic documentation that I want to give a unique name to and instead of typing it manually I believe there is a Macro to do this.

But for the love of god I cannot find this, therefore I look to this forum for help.

Would you mind posting your working code for review of our experts.

for yyyy-mm-dd for this you can use a macro to get system date if this is what you want but for filename and author.. it will be easier if you'll enter it manually...just a suggestion

but if you want it to be auto generated date plus the filename and author.. then I believe it's a lot of work.. first you need to have a database list of author and for filename you need to create a function that will generate for whatever filename that you want... then combined all the three to get that unique name you wanted... but there might be other way to achieve this..

it will be better if you start with a flowchart to achieve what you want then start coding.. :)