hi guys i need help with a very easy case, well maybe for you but not for me.

i need to make a program that keeps record of teachers, students and their term marks for high school. i need to code a base called "person" and two subclasses "student" and "teacher". For each class the get and set method must be used. The information that must be stored in "person" must be "name, initial, surname, date of birth and gender". For "Student" (which extends "person") must have "term average, parent contact, and class". The "teacher" (which also extends "person") must have subject, mentor and subject average. All information but be seperated by a tab in a .txt file.

If any1 can write this quick program for me in the simplest way as i need to study it that would be much appreciated.

If any1 manages to finish this program for me could you please send me the file in a zip file to morgatron56@gmail.com

Tnx in advance

Yeah, it's simple enough, I already have it written. Just give me your teacher's email and your name and I'll send it directly to them and tell them it's you.