hey guys,
i am looking for source code as simple as possible that would be able to represent the shape of the human body in 3d (it could be almost stick man like or preferably something like this http://www.3dlinks.com/oldsite/tutorials/GENERAL/chapter6_1.cfm)
i would like to use for further development such as a little game application that would allow user to move hands legs etc..

i would be very great full.

thank you

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thanks a lot for this link it looks quite useful yeah it is quite a big task its a part of my final year project which i am willing to develop in java and used java 3d.
thanks a lot for the reply if you know any similar links please do let me know, i would really appreciate it.

thanks again


thank you for all of this ill already stated reading about it. all the information provided is greatly apreciated

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