Write a program that will correct a C++ program that has errors in which operator, << or >>, it uses with cin and cout. The program replaces each (incorrect) occurrence of


With the corrected version


And each (incorrect) occurrence of


With the corrected version


For an easier version, assume that there is always exactly one blank space between any occurrence of cin and a following <<, and similarly assume that there is always exactly one blank space between each occurrence of cout and a following >>.

For a harder version, allow for the possibility that there may be any number of blanks, even zero blanks, between cin and << and between cout and >>. In this harder case, the replacement corrected version has only one blank between the cin and cout and the following operator. The program to be corrected is in one file and the corrected version is output to a second file. Your program should define a function that is called with the input- and output-file streams as arguments.

If this is being done as a class assignment, obtain the file names from your instructor and ask your instructor whether you should do the easier version or the harder version.

Hint: Even If you are doing the harder version, you will probably find it easier and quicker to first do the easier version and then modify your program so that it performs the harder task.

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who can answer thi question?? plz need help

>who can answer thi question??
You can. We can too, but won't, because we don't help students cheat on their homework.

this question need an expert and we are students.
and if u know it we can learn from u

commented: Excellent rebuttal! +11

>this question need an expert and we are students
Speaking as an expert, that's bullshit. It's a beginner problem that's perfectly suited to students. You think I can't recognize homework exercises? In the time it took to get this far in the thread, you could easily have finished the exercise.

>and if u know it we can learn from u
You mean you can cheat off me. Try it yourself first and we can help you correct mistakes or clarify your understanding of the problem, but we're not going to do your work for you.

10x for help.

Also, I don't think many people would bother writing a program that does that - they would just learn to write it correctly in the first place. Soooooo obviosuly a homework...

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