hello everyone.... can you please give me a code on a registration form... what i mean is that how to write a code in which you are going to design like a registration form then if you are going to fill-in the info, it will be stored to a database... i can make the design but the problem is that how to write that code in which that could be stored to the database....plz help guys....

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So you need to use a database? Hmm... you have to play along with c# controls... take the text from the textfield and make something with it, just to be familiar with it. Then use a database like MySql if you are familiar with it.
Use MySql connector to add reference in your program, then, when you click the button - "Register" for example - google how to open the connection to mysql server and how to query.

If you have no experience with it you have to struggle a little and learn :).

Enjoy coding.

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well only adding the value in database is not a big issue.........
Just make a connection with your database, and then simple write the insert query in that.

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