I'm trying to find an open source project to strect myself with, I have looked on bitbucket and couldnt find anything, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Personally i dont think its a good idea to just piggyback on an open source project just because you want to stretch your skills. Instead think of something that you really think would be fun to do, or interesting and complex and then go for that, that way you don't start losing interest after the first day or two of programming.

Here is a stack overflow thread on the same subject which could be useful :)

That makes a really good point. When searching for a project make sure its something you enjoy creating and using. If your not having fun with something why do it at all?

cool, thanks I was planning on looking for a quite new one so that I can help from the start but I'll take a look at the post :)

Thing is, if there isnt one you really aren't interested in then create your own if you're passionate about something. :) hopefully then people will jump on the bandwagon and help you out.

Yeah, true. Well thanks, I'll post back if I find anything. Thread solved!