Okay, being a Linux guy, I absolutely hate it when applications are not cross-platform (Windows only). So, I decided to write myself a cross-platform media player. I have spent quite the bit of time making it look great on Linux, but I am unable to do the same on Windows since it does not allow custom scrollbar colors, menubar colors, etc.

Here are some pictures for some visual data:
On Linux...
On Windows

So, my question is this: is there any toolkit or any way I can create a COMPLETELY custom window? As in no title-bar and no "X" to close the application? Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

(I thought you would appreciate the Eagles screenshot Paul)

Would be nice to know what your GUI toolkit is.

Green letters on a black background are really hard to read.

Sorry, I'm currently using Tkinter.

And what would you recommend as a better color scheme?

Use wxPython,
It is flexible and beautiful!
Will your Player be opensource? I should say it is great Job! What backend do you use to Play your media? Does it Play videos?

Go for wxPython but so far it is very very very great!

@Snee, I had to zoom to see them

Hah you seem very enthusiastic about wxPython! Would you highly recommend it over PyQT? I have heard both are highly recommended but I'm not quite sure which to choose. And to answer your questions: it is open source, it uses Snack for music playing, and I plan to add video playback in the near future.

Also, I love constructive criticism, so if you have any ideas/concerns please feel free to say them.

Thanks again.

That is great app!
I of course recommend it over PyQT for these reasons:
1. Very heavy documentation (You will enjoy using wxWidget Docs too)
2. If you don't care about polish there is great wxGlade for RAD
3. Direct support from the creator (Dunn is one of best supporters of wxPy) plus best wxPythoners here at DW as well as at mailing list (Meeting wxPyers friends like Mike Driscoll, Stef Mientki, Robin Dunn, Andrea Gavana et al is fun)
4. A lot of code snippets
5. Very Liberal Licence (PyQT will not allow you to sell your product if you want to)

The Only thing for now is there is no version for Python 3.1 which isn't a very big deal for me. 2.6 is still very capable.
So there you are!

Thanks for all the great feedback, I think I'll be rewriting my GUI with wxPython now.

Thanks again.

Curiously Snack seems to be dead project that supports Python 2.2
Iam I right?