I have made a Form application that contains of 2 Forms.
In these 2 Forms I have added controls and a lot of code behind.

How will I "Close the code" to this project so no one can open it and see all my code that I have done.

I have heard the expression "Close the code" many times but what does this meen and how will I do to do this ?

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Maybe as a DLL?
But - what's so "secret and special" about your code, are you embarrassed by it?

Even if you put your code in a DLL, make sure it's abstract enough for the user. Since no-one wants to route through several layers of classes, declaring objects to be used by other objects, when just calling one function from a single class could have done it.
Code is still nice as a documentation, unless you've documented it well.


Visual Studio 2008\Projects\Form1

This folder Form1 contains many things, Debug Folder, Form1 Folder and .h files etc...

The thing is that the goal is to create a real program of this. Now the folder just contains a lot of C++ files and .h files when debugging in "Active(Debug).

I am not sure how to ask the qeustion but what I initially want to do is to do a "Final Compile" so this program will be a program to use and where the "code is closed" as most/all programs are.

Will I use "Release mode", would I create a .DLL file out of the whole Form1 project.(The folder contains 38 files) I am not sure how to start out this.

Maybe as a DLL?
But, what's so "secret and special" about your code, are you embarrassed by it?


Release mode seems to work.
It created under C:\\
Form1 (application)
Form1 (Incremental Linker File)
Form1 (Program Debug Database)

I suppose now that with these 3 files that you cant open them in VC++ and see the code behind...

Thank you...

that's rite..u can use "release mode"..and then hide ur codes somewhere..

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