i need to use both java and c++ for my project.but i don't know how to set path for both.i use jdk 1.5.6 for java compiler and mingw compiler for C++ .but i am able to use one compiler at a time. is there any option to use both compilers path at one time.please help me!!!


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This is really easy.

Just let me get some points clear, actually I will just base my answer in Windows OS.

Assuming you know how to modify your Environmental Variables, and you know how to modify your PATH so it can work with Javac,...

Step 1: 'Edit' your PATH.

Step 2: Go to the end of the line containing the PATH's value.

Step 3: Type ; - right at the end of the line

Step 4: Add the path to either javac or your c++ compiler.

Step 5: Type ; - right at the end of the line

Step 6: Add the path to the other compiler you left behind in Step 4.

Step 7: Click 'OK' until you get rid of all those frames.

Step 8: Test both compilers, and you are ready to go.

I hope this did hep you :)

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