Can someone tell me how to add a static library file to a project in visual studio 2007.

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Something like this perhaps ?

#pragma comment(lib, "mylib.lib")

In VC 6 you add it in.

Project --> Settings --> Link Tab --> change Catetory to input then add the library to the Object/library modules list. In the left pain, change Settings For to All Configurations.

I was just wondering if it was similar in 2007

If you'd like to link to a lib through the compiler's interface rather than using #pragma, right-click on your project's name in the panel to the left, go down to properties, expand linker, go to input, and put the libraries names in the additional dependencies field, separated by spaces.

commented: thanks again !!! +2

Thanks CoolGamer48 you are a genius

Thanks CoolGamer48 you are a genius

No problem. It's not that hard after you do it once...

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