I am working in vb.net, visual studio 2008, with the crystal reports that comes with it. I have a push model: creating a dataset, putting data into it, making that a report source, and putting the report source onto (or into) a crystal reports viewer control (not neccessarily in that order). It works -- for the first page that's displayed.

That report has two pages. If I click on the control to go to the 2nd page (where I have no data displayed yet), then on the control to come back to the first page, it displays with no data -- just the background text is there.

I can see my dataset-loading code executing in the debugger, and as near as I can tell the database is no longer giving me back any data.

I think this used to work; can't imagine what I changed to cause this problem.

Can someone point me in a direction to look to debug this? I've tried rebooting the computer (in case I was out of connections or something). The SqlServer and database are on my local machine, it isn't a connectivity problem.


I hate finding out I've been stupid, but not enough to keep me from programming, I guess.

I, of course, had a programming error -- an instance variable masked by a local variable; I had loaded the database key I needed into the session, but when I retrieved it from the session I didn't put it in the session variable, only when I got it the first time. So it wasn't there.

Now I'm left to wonder how it ever did work, but probably won't spend the time to find that out. Onwards!

Thanks for all those that took the time to read and ponder this, most of you probably thinking "That poor boob has a programming error and is posting asking about the technology..."