Does anyone have a few good sites that give you some practice java questions? I'm not tallking about java certification questions, just regular old java questions about the language. I need a lot of them, so please post as many sites as you can.

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why do you need them?

i know a site that offers questions that r 4 certification, but that won't help - right?


I won the state championship for java programming about 2 or 3 months ago. I'll be flying to orlando for the nationals in about 3 weeks, and need to practice. The reason I said cert questions my not help is that the questions there will be more based on arrays, swing, awt, and that kind of stuff. Go ahead and post the site for the cert questions, maybe it will help..


congrats! that's a big accomplishment. what competition did you take part in (whats the website name).

anyway, the website is: http://www.transcender.com .

It was for FBLA(Future Business Leaders of America).. There were more events but I participated in the java...Here's the link, you'll have to click near the top were it says something about the winners, and then scroll down to see my name.

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