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ya I've made executable JAR Files before... I was hoping that there was a way to make .exe files too... But I don't think there is because I can't find anything on it.


There are tools that can create an exe-wrapper for a Java application.
Never used them, most are quite expensive I believe, and why would you want to in the first place?

Read up on something like JavaWebstart instead, it might be what you really want.


the only think i can think of is going one step further on a jar and creating a JNLP file (I believe only 5.0 supports this so far). But otherwise the only free java --> exe converters that I know of are actually java --> c++ converters, but I have absolutely no clue if they are any good.

But going back to jnlp, here is an example, just click the link
source for above file
the one draw back to JNLP is that it is run with the same security settings as an applet so it has it's little sandbox


JNLP is JavaWebstart and has been available since 1.4.0 at least.
But what's wrong with 5.0? I'd advise everyone who has no overriding reason to stay with older versions to use it.

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