I'm seeking for java2 certification. I downloaded ucertify product. Question are on right quality. 150 challenging practice questions have been included to closely model the format, tone, topics, and difficulty of the real exam. If i purchased it before release then i could have able to got 40% discount. Test simulation is good but i want few good books and study guide also. Suggest me in this regard.

Also try Java 2 For Dummies, excellent reference!!!!!

JAVA 2 FOR DUMMIES, excellent reference material!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

Deitel - Java How to Program

For the java2 certification, you CAN'T just choose any old book. You would be suprised at the amount of stuff that regular books don't teach you. I had read about 3 or 4 java books, and tons of tutorials and once I started reading that certification prep book, I felt VERY stupid.

The book by Sierra and Bates is excellent. After an official Sun training course (which you might think overly expensive at this point :) ) I used it exclusively (besides tons of realworld experience).

It's the book most used, many people that fail the exam admit to using something else instead ;)

Another book you should read is Effective Java by Joshua Bloch. Not just for the exam, it's a great compendium of best practices and things to avoid.

The other 2 books mentioned won't prepare you for the exam, they don't go deep enough by far and from previous experience with the Dummies series probably teach you some very bad things.

I got the one by bates and sierra...By the way, where have you been wenting?

Southern Spain for 2 weeks of R&R.

Southern Spain for 2 weeks of R&R.

Sounds kind of fun...What is R&R?

rest and relaxation :p

2 weeks of no computers, no having to be at the office at 0730, no people dumping bug reports on my desk.

Ahhh..You must have been really sick of work!