I'm seeking for java2 certification. I downloaded ucertify product. Question are on right quality. 150 challenging practice questions have been included to closely model the format, tone, topics, and difficulty of the real exam. If i purchased it before release then i could have able to got 40% discount. Test simulation is good but i want few good books and study guide also. Suggest me in this regard.

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For the java2 certification, you CAN'T just choose any old book. You would be suprised at the amount of stuff that regular books don't teach you. I had read about 3 or 4 java books, and tons of tutorials and once I started reading that certification prep book, I felt VERY stupid.


The book by Sierra and Bates is excellent. After an official Sun training course (which you might think overly expensive at this point :) ) I used it exclusively (besides tons of realworld experience).

It's the book most used, many people that fail the exam admit to using something else instead ;)

Another book you should read is Effective Java by Joshua Bloch. Not just for the exam, it's a great compendium of best practices and things to avoid.

The other 2 books mentioned won't prepare you for the exam, they don't go deep enough by far and from previous experience with the Dummies series probably teach you some very bad things.


rest and relaxation :p

2 weeks of no computers, no having to be at the office at 0730, no people dumping bug reports on my desk.

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