CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW THE console eraser work in the below PROGRAM PART...............describe the LOGIC???????????

//Creating and hiding password. 		
	ConsoleEraser consoleEraser    = new ConsoleEraser();
			System.out.println("(Please enter the common Password)");
			System.out.print("PASSWORD : ");

  		  BufferedReader passin = new BufferedReader(new

  				String passWord = passin.readLine();
//Password matching.
	if("libStaff".equals(passWord))	{
//password testing by printing	System.out.println("Password: '" +    passWord     +  "'" );
  	   			a1.Interface	();
	   			m1.mainMenu 	();
	else	{
			System.out.println("You have entered a invalid password!!!");
	  		System.out.println("Please enter a correct password...");	
				p1.Pass		();




class ConsoleEraser extends Thread {
        private boolean running = true;
	public void run(){
 	 		 while (running) {
   	 		   System.out.print("\b ");

 public synchronized void halt() {
  running = false;


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Escape char \b (backspace) and space.
try this,

public class Sample
  public static void main(String []args)
       System.out.println("Help\b ");

Do you know System.console().readPassword()?

thanks for your reply....

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