in my job, we use VB6 applications to control various needs, such as supply management, sell, buying, etc...

We use ZEBRA printers, with ZPL print codes, directly from LPT1, wich seems like above code:

Open "LPT1" For Output As #1
  Print #1, "SOME TEXT TO PRINT"
Close #1

(Of course, in place of "some text..." we print codes like "^0P26,10Label", for example)

The Problem: the new machines we've buying don't come with paralell port, only USBs and serials (like DB9 / PS2) so, trying "Open "LPT1" For Output As #1" results in a "Path/file access error" error, and nothing is printed - sometimes this causes a Windows error and the computer freezy.

I really NEED to change our applications to use USB port instead of LPT1 redirection.

I try to use "NET USE" and "MODE" DOS commands, but system gives me an error

System error 66: incorrect net resource type

Incorrect device name - LPT1

So, anyone have an idea to help me solve this problem?
In advice: I need to send only TEXT for the printer, cause it's printing bar codes, symbols and some kind of graphics by the commands I've send by the application.

Best regards,

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